Fun Gig

I had a great gig the other week! The music was fantastic, and all the musicians were phenomenal. It was such a fun show to be a part of!

Wedding Season Continues, or, Fall is the New Spring

My quartet (Triangle String Quartet) was busy last weekend with wedding gigs, and we have more weddings coming up this weekend! I’m always grateful to play in this quartet, and really enjoy playing for weddings ! My colleague Dave Prudon (first violinist in our quartet) has arranged (and published) so many wonderful selections of music for our quartet to play. Our repertoire is constantly updated with current popular songs, thanks to his wonderful arrangements!

The photos of my quartet above were taken by Pamela Jahnke Photography, and the gorgeous arbor with roses was by Embellished Blooms.

Violin & Viola Lessons – Fall 2019

I have room in my studio for a few new students! Due to some students graduating and moving on to other opportunities, I now have several openings. Please contact me if you’re interested in scheduling a free trial lesson and learning more about my studio.

I enjoy teaching all ages, from young children through adults. I teach beginning through advanced level (viola) and beginning through intermediate-advanced (violin).

I focus on developing good technique and on learning basic musical knowledge (note names, rhythms, reading music) as well as tone production and other musical elements. For my younger and/or beginning students, I often start out with the Suzuki books, although my method of teaching is traditional style (not Suzuki method). For my older and/or intermediate students, I use a mix of several sources of music (Suzuki books, standard repertoire, etudes, scales, and some popular music) depending on each person’s individual interests and goals.

Please contact me if you’re interested in scheduling a free trial lesson for yourself or your child!

Fall 2019 Update

I haven’t posted anything on my website for a long time! But I’m returning to my website and hope to keep it updated from now on.

The 2018-2019 school year was a great year for my studio! Three of my viola students successfully auditioned for Triangle Youth Symphony, and one of my students served as the principal violist for the ensemble. I am so glad that they have the opportunity to participate in such a high quality musical ensemble; it’s such a wonderful opportunity for them. And this summer I’ve enjoyed helping several of my students prepare to audition for TYO/TYS/TYP for this new school year.

I had a successful studio recital in the spring, in which several of my youngest students had their first ever performances! I also hosted a two-day violin camp for my youngest students this summer, in which we spent time doing crafts and games to help learn note names and rhythms, and learned to play a fun song on violin.

I’ve enjoyed teaching many different age levels this year: from age 6 through adults. Each age presents its own unique aspects of learning an instrument, and I really enjoy the diversity of ages in my studio!

I especially enjoy working with adults who are either starting to learn violin/viola for the first time, or are picking it up again after a long absence. I’ve found that adults tend to be very motivated and can learn quickly, and it’s a very rewarding and satisfying outlet for them. One of my adult students recently auditioned for a local community orchestra for adults who are at a beginning level, and I’m excited to hear how this ensemble helps motivate adult students!

I also enjoyed a wonderful year with gigs: I enjoyed performances with the NC Opera, played with the NC Symphony for many educational concerts, and had some really great gigs with the Leechford Entertainment company’s orchestra, for really fun shows including the touring show of Prince – 4U tribute show, Music of Final Fantasy, and the Weird Al Yankovich Strings Attached tour! My string quartet (Triangle String Quartet) also played for many weddings and special church services.

Lessons for 2017-2018

My violin and viola studio is filling up quickly, for lessons for the 2017-2018 school year. I have some availability left on weekday afternoons and Sunday afternoons, and I do offer a free trial lesson for prospective new students. Please contact me soon to reserve a lesson time for the new school year!

Continuing thoughts on adult students

As I previously posted, I’ve recently started teaching two adult beginning violin students. I’m so excited to be working with adults who are motivated to learn a new skill, not because they have to but because they want to! It takes courage to learn a new skill as an adult, because we have to start off realizing that we are beginners and accepting that we won’t be perfect right away. It takes practice and time, but learning to play an instrument is a really valuable and rewarding experience that can add so much meaning and beauty to our lives!

I’ve recently started taking Taekwondo classes, and this experience gives me a deeper appreciation for my own adult beginning students! It’s humbling to start off as a complete beginner, and to see children and teens who are more advanced than I am. It can be frustrating to think, “I’m too old; I’m not flexible enough; my body can’t do this!” But then, it can also be extremely satisfying and rewarding to realize how much progress I’ve made after a few weeks of consistent practice.

The school where I’m learning Taekwondo is celebrating its one-year anniversary next month, and in honor of their anniversary, I’ll be offering a special prize in their door prize/drawing–  one free lesson and one year of 50% off lesson prices.  If anyone is interested in either violin/viola lessons for the summer, or in Taekwondo classes, come on out to Elite Fire Taekwondo on June 24 for a chance to learn more, and for a chance to win violin/viola lessons at a reduced price!

Now Accepting Students

I’m currently accepting new students on viola (beginners through advanced), and violin (beginners through upper intermediate level). I have weekday, evening, and weekend times available.

Please contact me for more information, or to schedule a trial lesson!