Continuing thoughts on adult students

As I previously posted, I’ve recently started teaching two adult beginning violin students. I’m so excited to be working with adults who are motivated to learn a new skill, not because they have to but because they want to! It takes courage to learn a new skill as an adult, because we have to start off realizing that we are beginners and accepting that we won’t be perfect right away. It takes practice and time, but learning to play an instrument is a really valuable and rewarding experience that can add so much meaning and beauty to our lives!

I’ve recently started taking Taekwondo classes, and this experience gives me a deeper appreciation for my own adult beginning students! It’s humbling to start off as a complete beginner, and to see children and teens who are more advanced than I am. It can be frustrating to think, “I’m too old; I’m not flexible enough; my body can’t do this!” But then, it can also be extremely satisfying and rewarding to realize how much progress I’ve made after a few weeks of consistent practice.

The school where I’m learning Taekwondo is celebrating its one-year anniversary next month, and in honor of their anniversary, I’ll be offering a special prize in their door prize/drawing–  one free lesson and one year of 50% off lesson prices.  If anyone is interested in either violin/viola lessons for the summer, or in Taekwondo classes, come on out to Elite Fire Taekwondo on June 24 for a chance to learn more, and for a chance to win violin/viola lessons at a reduced price!