Music is for everyone!

Recently I’ve received several inquiries from adults who are interested in taking violin lessons, and I’ve started teaching a few beginning adult students. I’m so excited to be meeting so many adults who are interested in learning a new skill!

I strongly believe that music is for everyone. Not just for children, and not just for professional musicians. Music is, obviously, essential in childhood. Singing and learning to play a musical instrument provides so many benefits to kids and teenagers beyond the music itself, such as increased focus, discipline, coordination, increased language and reasoning skills, creative thinking, and higher grades, to name a few!

However, even adults can benefit from learning to play an instrument! There is no age at which making music cannot benefit you and enrich your life. Learning an instrument can give you a sense of accomplishment, and playing in a musical ensemble can give you a sense of connection, teamwork, cooperation, and fulfillment. Music is a natural, fundamental part of human life, and there is something uniquely satisfying about actively making music rather than just listening to it. Making music uses both the left and right parts of our brains: we have to think analytically about the mechanics of technique and of physically playing the instrument, but we also have to think creatively to be able to make expressive music.

The adults I’ve taught in the past found that they were easily able to grasp concepts and apply knowledge from other areas of their life to their violin and viola playing. I’ve especially noticed that people who are naturally analytical (scientists, medical professionals) tend to gravitate towards music, and approach learning an instrument in a very methodical, persistent way. Adults who learn an instrument are usually very self-motivated, independent people who demonstrate great discipline, persistence, and enthusiasm. They value creativity and self-expression, and find that music is a great creative outlet for them. It’s exciting for me to be able to help adults learn to play an instrument, and I’m so inspired by the wonderful attitude of all the students (children and adults) that I’ve worked with in the past!

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